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Peat only for horticulture

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Growing demand for high quality peat Peat extraction volumes will not increase despite growing demand for horticulture. In Germany, Ireland, there are already significant restrictions on peat extraction. The main reason is the unjustified use of peat for energy, or simply to burn it. We know that

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Peat and peat bogs in Latvia (Baltic state)

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Peat and peat bogs Peat is one of the largest natural wealth in Latvia. The richest peat bogs are located in Baltic region, particularly in Latvia. The total area of the bog is 6401 km2 or 9.9% of the country's territory. Here you can find map of all

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How find simply the best peat mixture?

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Peat mixture. Master blender choise Like whiskey makers, blending good peat substrates is a real art that requires experience and knowledge. There are no two identical bogs, each peat has its own characteristics (spirit). Only a good craftsman knows how to make the right choice and the proportions to match the result. (A

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Professional peat moss substrate for organic plant growing

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Professional seedling/potting soil for organic plant growing. Is that possible? Peat is the main component of seedlings growing media and its use is also allowed for transplant production in organic nurseries (Regulations (EC) No 834/2007 and No 889/2008). Thus, peat-based substrates constitute the standard media used in conventional and organic seedling production. Without

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Why you still using perlite?

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Why you still using perlite? Perlite is added to mixtures to create better drainage and airiness for the development of strong root systems in plants. The main tasks for which the use of perlite is intended: adding coarseness to the substrate improve soil dry between watering working against air pores shrinking Cons: perlite is

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Chinese partners are learning about peat

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Purpose of the cooperation partner visit. As demand for peat substrates in China increases, more and more customers are beginning to become interested in specialty formulations and, of course, how the price is formed. The urgent question is why peat raw materials can vary significantly in price. What are the main differences between peat

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Peat moss substrate storage

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Peat moss products shelf life. The minimum shelf life of the substrate is 6 months, but in unheated rooms it is 12 months. Peat substrates are natural products based on 98% organic matter and enriched with microbial activity. To ensure optimal substrate quality even after a certain storage time, avoid the negative effects of

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How reduce peat moss natural acidity

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Reduction of moss peat acidity The amount of liming material required depends on the pH of the peat, the degree of decomposition, the particle size of the liming material, its chemical and physical properties. However, liming material and peat volume in kg / m3 have the greatest impact. Bulk volume of low-density peat is

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Peat moss extraction

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Peat moss has been an essential constituent of growing media for several decades. Main favorable properties: 1. Low pH (practically 'sterile" product) 2. Lack of pests, pathogens and weed seeds 3. Easy to process 4. Stable expected physical properties 5. Slow decomposition 6. Good aeration 7. Adequate water holding capacity Peat moss usage. Commercial

What is perfect growing media? PART III

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In the very beginning peat was used mainly in seedling cultivation Peat is an unabandonable substrate in horticultural industry till now, and environmental impact will prove the usage of peat will continue in the sector due to its high demand. Better known as growing media for young plants and seedlings peat moss usage

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