Basis for self-mixing substrates

Many growers choose these peat mixtures with balanced acidity and added moisture agent

Base mixtures enables growers to develop their own specific recipes for particular plants and the conditions to which they are exposed

Milled peat moss

White milled peat.   Fine structure.   Size 0-7 mm

0 – 7 mm

White milled peat. Medium structure. Size 0-20 mm

0 – 20 mm

White milled peat. Medium- coarse structure . Size 0-40 mm

0 – 40 mm

Base substrate consist of a simple or blend of best peat which are neutralized

Base substrates for individual growing mixes for complete fertilizer control to growers. The pH is adjusted with ground limestone. Typically, these substrates are provided with a wetting agent.

Because of the consistently low pH, we can adjust the pH of the peat substrate depending on the needs of the crop. Most commercial horticultural crops prefer a slightly acidic substrate. Areapeat add calcium carbonate to adjust the pH of commercial growing media to be between 5.5 and 6.

  • Simple fertilizing control
  • Good water absorbtion properties
  • Wider options for self-mixing growing media
  • Free flowing growing media to fill even the deepest root trainer
    • pH buffered to 5,5 – 6,5 limestone flour (calcium carbonate)

    • Quality peat provide ideal material for self-mixing substrates

    • Added wetting agent provide excellent water absorbtion properties

    • Enhanced moisture retention suitable for germination

    • Balanced air-filled porosity and high nutrient retention capacity (CEC)

    • Made of screened premium Balticum sphagnum peat

    • Great value for money

Bag size – 250L and 6000L

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