Purpose of the cooperation partner visit.

As demand for peat substrates in China increases, more and more customers are beginning to become interested in specialty formulations and, of course, how the price is formed. The urgent question is why peat raw materials can vary significantly in price. What are the main differences between peat types?


Key issues for Chinese partners


1. What is the difference between market leader products and other players?

2. How to ensure the best quality at an affordable price?

3. How to increase the amount of extracted peat?

4. When to start ordering to get the required substrates on time?

5. What is black peat determined by the color of peat?

6. Why need a sod peat and why they are costly?


Statements of peat producers


Customers always start with cheaper and simpler products. Peat remains peat, there is no difference, the plant will grow anyway. This is a common trend. As the volume and variety of cultivated plants increases, there is a need to improve performance and speed up harvest time. The plant stays bigger, the root system evolves, everything changes and it happens very quickly. Inappropriate soil can, at some point, slow down or even stop the development of the plant.

Saving a negligible amount of money, especially when it calculates to a single pot, can have a significant impact on whole productivity. Almost every peat producer’s arsenal has specific substrate recipes that have proven themselves with better growth results.

All these issues are communicated via email, photos and samples are sent. It is a long road that does not always give a convincing answer.



Better to see with your own eyes.


It is for these reasons that a group of Chinese entrepreneurs visited the peat plant to get a closer look at the whole production cycle and to find a clearer picture of what growers need and what they have to offer.

The visit started with peat bogs. Areapeat company management showed and explain how the bogs were formed and how they are being prepared for peat production.

1. it takes at least 5 years before peat can be extracted from the bog for professional use. It is a long-term investment.

2. peat bogs are very diverse. Each has its peculiarities and only a very experienced master will be able to combine the properties of different types of peat to obtain the best substrates. It can be compared to whiskey blending. A robotic approach is not possible here.

3. is a kind of peat obtained in a fully mechanized way and is special, very high quality, which also requires manual work

4.in some cases, peat reserves are damaged, which reduces their quality. In this situation, some companies are trying to significantly lower their price to sell-off. A product comes on the market that gives the false impression that peat can also be very cheap. As a result, the grower receives a product that does not meet the generally accepted quality standards.



Here you see different important points make a significant impact on the final result. 

Members of the Chinese delegation:
Andy Xu, General Manager of Ningbo Euro-China Horticulture Co., Ltd.
Lei Zhu, Member of Board, Euro-China Group Ltd.