Effective fertilizing formulas for early stage of plant development  and first 2-3 weeks after transplanting.

We have use our own fertilizers for substrates. AreaPeat prove efficasy in studies!

Our professional solutions for plant nutrition also include a unique range of starter fertilisers used in our substrates. They have a unique composition compared to traditional base fertilisers used in peat substrates all over the world. It is very important that the proportion of ammonia and nitrate nitrogen is close to 20 to 80, which is ideal for a new and sensitive root system of the fast-growing plant. As in our AreaCres, the metallic micronutrients of our starter fertilisers are are added in EDTA chelated form while in most of the traditional base fertilisers only iron is chelated and other micronutrients are added as salts. The relatively higher content of potassium reduces the streching of plants and the lower content of suplhur reduces the risk of dangerous, smelly gases. AreaCres ,  is the complete and trusted fertilizers for professional growing media.

Seedlings need nitrogen, especially during the period of most vigorous growth. When growing seedlings in trays where the amount of peat is minimal per plant, irrigation easily washes out nitrates, which are also consumed by microbes present in peat.

We recomend use a high quality water soluble NPK fertiliser such as Areacres Hydroponic (NPK 12-16-28 + 2MgO + TE) and Arecres Peat Lite (NPK16-13-28+ 2MgO + TE) with well balanced nitrogen potassium ratio  in the beginning of cultivation from the first irrigation instead of calcium nitrate.