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Black peat humus rich in humic acids and fulvic acids

 Humuspeat  Check It Out!

Deep under forests and bogs about ten to twenty thousand years ago, humuspeat was formed , highly humified it’s present unique characateristics .


Humic acids & Fulvic acids


Humus has a nutrient that triggers apparent salt stress in plants. This makes sure that the plant retains more nutrients and organic components, producing the best taste and yield.

HUMIC LIQUID is a complex organic fraction derived with the latest technology from black peat moss rich in humus. It consists of a blend of natural humic acid and fulvic acid. Humic Liquid is an organic plant growth promoter for organic farming and plants grown indoor and outdoor.

Peat moss is a great seed starting medium. It is sterile, absorbent, and the homogeneous material is easy to work with. This keeps the seed bed uniformly moist, aiding in germination. Most seed starting mixes contain peat moss, and you can make your own seed staring mix  by mixing peat moss with other soils or by making a peat moss based potting soil and adding fertilizer and vermiculite.​

Peat moss has a relatively low nutrient content profile. It does contain some beneficial microorganisms naturally, and more can be introduced. As far as nutrient value, peat moss isn’t high, but it isn’t absolutely zero like many people believe. There is good evidence that there are both microorganisms in peat moss, as well as some level of nutrition, depending on the geographical origin and depth the peat moss was harvested from.

True Black peat moss is much more closer to black earth consists of a humus peat soil very high in organic matter (85-90%) and works well mixed with existing propagation soils or as a top dressing for overseeding into an existing lawn.