Commercial mushroom casing soil for professionals

High water holding capacity and open casing structure

This material consists of a blend of deep dug wet peat with lime added to neutralise the peat to allow the mycelium from the compost inoculate the casing layer and ultimately stimulate the mycelium to produce mushrooms

Mushroom casing soil booklet
Casing soil ASCS 532
Casing soil ASCS 752

Mushroom Casing is the last layer of media in commercial mushroom growth. Baltic Wet Peat is used as it will hold 10 times it’s own weight
in moisture, and mushroom thrive in this environment. Casing is natural environment for mushrooms to grow in.

Areapeat produced mushroom casing soil is quality product that allow users to easily create top layer to successful mushroom cultivation!

  • High water retention and buffering capacity of pH-value because of
    the frozen black peat
  • Better drainage and root development by the share of added white/brown sod peat
  • Gives the mushroom a vibrant natural color which many other media do not give

Mushroom casings consist of a blend of wet peats which are neutralized. “Ready made” casing


  • Ready mix for immediate layering
  • Higher water holding capacity than cheaper bark based casing soils
  • Great choice for achieving strong cultivation results
  • Contains humus, assisting in soil aggregation and making nutrients more available to plants
  • Ideal for vegetative propagation of many mushroom varieties due to improved levels of near-stem water retention

It is important to distinguish available nutrients from non-available nutrients. Sphagnum peat moss frequently used in mushroom casing layers may contain from 0.75 to 3.5% Kjeldahl nitrogen (Fuchsman, 1986). Hypnum, or “black” peat, contains significantly higher nitrogen levels. Both of these peats, however, support good fruiting of Agaricus bisporus when used as a casing material. The nitrogenous materials in peats are generally “humic” in character, such as lignin and other mineralized nutrients. These are not readily available to the mushroom fungus and most microorganisms capable of colonizing the casing layer. If additional nutritionally available nitrogen compounds are added to the casing layer, fruiting is inhibited.

The high fibre content of block (sod) peat allows the casing material to retain its structure to give an open casing which allows gaseous exchange from the compost and stops the wetter peat from going anaerobic. 

    • pH buffered to 7.2 – 7.5 limestone flour (calcium carbonate)

    • Wet Black peat provide ideal conditions for young mycellium

    • Peat mix is ideal for mushroom cultivation

    • Enhanced moisture retention suitable for germination

    • Balanced air-filled porosity and high nutrient retention capacity (CEC)

    • Made of screened fines of premium Balticum sphagnum peat

    • Great value for money

  • Professional-grade fine peat substrate


  • Pest & disease-free

Product loading amount depend on weather condition which can make extra heavy weight may varie between 60 and 80 cubic meters for one 40′ conatiner!

Bag size – 70L, 2200 – 2400L

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