Baltic peat moss substrates for professionals. Produced in Latvia

White peat for high air capacity. Black peat (frozen through) for good water retention. Sod (block) peat for structural stability.

Baltic peat and peat bogs

Peat is formed in the process of natural decay. It is an incomplete decomposition of bog plants, under over current moisture and incomplete supply of oxygen. High bog peat is made up of herbaceous plants, mainly of different mosses. Approximately 95% of moss’s peat volume and pores. The tiny pores are filled with water, but rough – the air, so the peat roots provide ideal water and air treatment. The age of the peat deposits is 6-12 thousand years, and it turns out that 1 mm of the current peat layer was formed during the year. Peat is formed under anaerobic conditions and is sterile.

Growing media quality issue

Areapeat pay more and more focus on providing high-quality substrates with value-added benefits. Many essential advantages are its uniformity, established quality, range of a different kind of raw material. Professional growers are looking for high-quality substrates that are steerable and uniform. As consumers become more aware of the need for sustainable production methods, growers will become more concerned about having substrate solutions in place at the end of the crop cycle.

Humus – the basis of soil fertility

It is formed by the decomposition of organic matter. Humus contributes to the formation of soil structure, increases water permeability in clay soils, improves aeration and facilitates soil treatment, as well as reduces soil density and creates favorable conditions for root growth. Organic matter increases the soil’s buffering capacity, especially in sandy soils, making them more resistant to changes in pH. At the same time, it also increases the microbial activity in the soil and promotes the nitrification process.


Baltic sphagnum peat moss


one of the best

Basic raw material for all soilless peat moss substrates. AreapeatBasic raw material for all soilless peat moss substrates. Areapeat

white milled peat

Hight content of humic and fulvic acids, primary and secondary nutrients make a soil fertile. AreapeatHight content of humic and fulvic acids, primary and secondary nutrients make a soil fertile. Areapeat

black peat frozen through

All major lite raw material ingredients for best soilless substrates. Developed and mixed by ArepaetAll major lite raw material ingredients for best soilless substrates. Developed and mixed by Arepaet







extra fine

Airy, light, ideal type of peat for root development, does not allow the soil to flatten. Obtained and developed by AreapeatAiry, light, ideal type of peat for root development, does not allow the soil to flatten. Obtained and developed by Areapeat

Can retain to 20 times its weight of water

Speeds the composting process, controls water and air in growing media

Protects soil from hardening and adds organic material to it

Releases nutrients slowly over time

Baltic peat moss subtrates

Areapeat offer seedling, potting, transplantation growing media substrates for professionals.

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NEW! Lawn soil preparing

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Soil conditioner

Black Peat frozen through

TOP 3 substrates!

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selected peat raw materials

extracted from peat bogs, processed now is ready to use substrate for demanded growers

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University test results

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We produce high-quality growing solutions for global modern horticulture. We acknowledge the future challenge of feeding an increasing population with limited natural resources. Our strategy is to be part of the solution by being the forerunner in horticultural food production globally.

Our portfolio offers you a multitude of choices, from types of peat to structure, fertiliser levels, and additional raw materials such as perlite or clay.

From Areacres Professional you can be sure to find a substrate that works perfectly with your plants, in your specific growing conditions and yields optimal, uniform results.

Range of deliveries cover all directions and all countries.


Our partners visit the Areapeat plant and peat extraction sites regularly

Our task is not only to show the peat bogs and manufacturing facilities, but also to train our partners in the use of peat moss substrates in most proper way to reach best plant growing results.  

Baltic peat

Sphagnum peat moss


Highest growing media quality requirements

  • Improves water retention and discourages runoff by improving the tilth of the soil.

  • Prevents nutrient loss from leaching and helps the soil absorb and hold nutrients.

  • Increases the porosity of soil.

  • Makes fertilizers and other nutrients more effective by increasing uptake.

  • Restores the natural balance of microbes.

  • Our products are approved  for organic growing.


Crop specific substrates

RAW peat

material is specially selected

  • Different peat fractions, composition and origin provide the most favorable conditions for long-term growth

  • Balanced composition is applied to the specific needs of each plant

  • Provide all nutrients for initial stage of plants growing

  • Added block (sod) peat give an incredible aeration properties for roots development

  • Dark peat helps keep the water stock up for growing needs

  • Black peat (humuspeat) is highly demanded due to its growing promoting properties

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