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Main ingredients in the AreaPeat substrates are classic white and white/brown  Sphagnum peat. The company also pays great attention to other types of peat and peat like particles, which can significantly improve the soil’s physical and agrochemical properties, like black and/or humuspeat, fermentated  coniferous peel mulch, proceeded sod peat, etc.  All ingredients of these quality substrates have ability to hold water and nutrients, it saves fertilisers and water, contains naturally occurring biological active agents. Due to its special structure it provides roots with air.

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Quality growing media come from here

Before the peat moss can be harvested there is about 5 years of preparations.

Made from carefully selected raw materials and their quality is exceptionally consistent

Multitude of choices, from types of peat to structure, fertiliser levels, and additional raw materials

Sustainable results in every stage of developing

Substrates for young plants

and seedlings

Selected for

vegetables, fruit and herbs

Ornamental and Pot Plants

We’re AreaPeat & We Specialized in Sphagnum peat moss! Check It Out!

With over many Users and counting, AreaPeat is the complete and trusted growing media company.