Baltic peat extraction season in 2020 has started on time

Current season.

The new peat harvesting season has begun. Customers are already waiting for fresh peat for their nurseries. Peat in the field has reached the required condition to be collected for the production of substrates. We start quality control already in the field, then in our laboratory and finally RHP monitoring with tests in the independent Eurofins laboratory. Maybe sometimes it seems exaggerated, but it is better to be sure that everything is in order and the clients will get the best.

Peat is ready for harvesting. First days of May, 2020

All peat extractors are in the field

Supply issue

We are ready to supply customers with the highest quality peat and peat substrates. It meets the highest standards required by professional horticulture. Currently, the weather conditions are favorable for removing the first layers from the surface of the bog. In order not to rely on weather forecasts, we produce peat without undue delay. At the moment, orders are already arriving for the new planting season. Everything has to be done in time, which the cargo will reach the distant customers only after 2 months, which takes time while the container is at sea.

We use it every day when the weather is favorable for peat extraction