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High quality natural growing media products and substrates designed for professional gardening

Sphagnum peat moss as a component of horticultural growing media is very important because of the unique main properties of the sphagnum cells to hold and release water.

The sphagnum cells are thin-walled cells with large cavities and their function is to absorb and transport water. An important characteristic of the sphagnum cells is that they have lignified walls. These prevent the cells from collapsing when they dry out. By keeping peat suitably wet, optimum conditions of moisture and aeration can be maintained.

The functions of quality growing medium are:

  1. water reservoir for plant uptake,
  2. nutrient holding/exchange system,
  3. place for gaseous exchange for root systems and an anchor point for a plant’s roots.

Since different types of peat moss have different natural properties, the best results in the cultivation of certain crops are achieved by mixing together raw materials with desirable properties. It is very important for the manufacturer of substrates to have access to the most demanded and qualitative types of peat for the production of such professional mixes.

Substrates and potting soils produced from selected raw peat moss with added lime, crop specific NPK fertilizers, microelements and wetting agent.

Primary plant macronutrients:

Nitrogen: promotes healthy and fast vegetative growth

Phosphorus: promotes root growth, flowering and fruiting, and disease resistance

Potassium: helps with fruit ripening, disease resistance, and overall plant health

Secondary plant macronutrients:

Magnesium:  helps plants process and utilize calcium, promotes vegetative growth and sugar formation

Calcium:   supports structural integrity of plants, new cellular growth, and disease resistance

Sulfur: helps fruits and seeds mature and promotes the growth of green leaves

Plant micronutrients:

Micronutrients are trace elements that help promote green leaf growth as well as starch formation.  These include boron, chlorine, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum, and zinc.

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