Propagation and seedling peat substrate for different cell trays.

Developed fine, porous blend comprised of screened peat moss to enable seed germination for young plants have a good start. Ready to Use.

  Products for Propagation

Seedling substrates

Horticultur Grade

1. Tray substrates for sowing

2. Substrates for pricking out and for cuttings

3. Pressed pot substrates

Seedling substrates. Detailed booklet. Download from here!

Correct mix plays a key role in the structural stability of the rootzone

Areapeat seedling substrates is loaded with quality, functional ingredients that allow users to easily create nursery grade trays and pots greenhouse and open field usage!

  • High water retention and buffering capacity of pH-value because of
    the frozen black peat
  • Better drainage and root development by the share of white sod peat
  • Quicker water absorption in case of drying out by the high share of
    white peat

Desirable physical and agrochemical properties of a substrate are essential 

B E N E F I T S  O F  U S I N G


  • Simply use the peat as a regular potting mix
  • Higher water holding capacity than cheap bark based potting mixes
  • Great choice for achieving strong germination results
  • Improved water holding in light soils, providing greater drought resistance and more efficient water utilization
  • Contains humus, assisting in soil aggregation and making nutrients more available to plants
  • Ideal for vegetative propagation of many softwood plant varieties due to improved levels of near-stem water retention

Grow Like a Pro !


    • pH buffered to 5.8 (ideal for growing plants, and 100x less acidic than regular peats with pH 3.8!)

    • Incorporates own fertiliser providing essential N-P-K nutrients, plus full range of trace elements

    • Peat mix is ideal for plant potting & propagation

    • Enhanced moisture retention suitable for germination

    • Balanced air-filled porosity and high nutrient retention capacity (CEC)

    • Made of screened fines of premium Balticum sphagnum peat

    • Great value for money

  • Professional-grade fine peat substrate


  • Pest & disease-free

Product loading amount depend on weather condition which can make extra heavy weight may varie between 110 and 132 cubic meters for one 40′ conatiner!

Bag size – 80L, 250L, 5500-6000L