Classic propagation substrate. Fraction 0-7mm. Widely used for  ealry stages of plant development

A new approach.

The main feature of the new trend is to reduce the amount of small particles in the substrate, even if it will be used in small cell size plug trays for seed germination and plug production. Recent efficacy observations show that such an approach brings significant improvements to the root zones air porosity. High water holding capacity is still the same like with classic 0-5mm or 0-7mm substrate, but aeration is much better.

But everything is not that simple.

How water holding capacity remain the same? If we increase porosity, the water leaked through the pot faster, it has nowhere to “catch” and be hold back. If the amount of small particles decreases in favor of larger ones, then during watering the water will not be able to fill the pores of the peat fast enough and a large part will run off. On the other hand, small particles, if they are insufficient, will simply be rinsed off and settle to the bottom of the pot, which is also undesirable.

Clay granules are often added to retain and absorb water. But the results are not good enough, because even in this case the clay granules do not swell during watering.

For many years, working with different types of peat, we have studied that certain types of black peat particles, which have a different structure than white peat, can adhere to large particles, creating a particular architectural structure that retains water and promotes good aeration. Not all samples of dark or black peat will fit here. If we used too decomposed peat, then it could not perform this function. It could not hold on to the large particles and also fell into sediment like white peat 0-1; 0-2mm.

We named the black peat that was suitable for this purpose horticulture grade black peat to distinguish it from casing soil or humuspeat.

Horticulture grade black peat fraction 0-10mm and white milled peat fraction 7-15m.

Ideal for propagation purposes!

Supply issue

You can even order this mixture from us right away so that you can catch up to the new propagation season.

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